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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution has arrived, and it’s here to stay. It’s no surprise that many jobs will be replaced by AI and robots in the near future. In fact, Chatbots, also known as chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) and AI Robots are already taking over many jobs from customer service to healthcare. Here’s a timeline of how Chatbots, GPT AI and robots will take over your job:

2020: In 2020, Chatbots began replacing customer service agents in many industries. Companies started using Chatbot technology for customer service inquiries, such as booking appointments or answering product questions. Businesses could also use chatbot technology to triage patients in the healthcare industry.

2021-2025: By 2025, it’s predicted that Chatbots and GPT AI will take over more jobs traditionally associated with human labor such as sales reps, marketing assistants, and financial advisors. They will be able to respond to queries faster than humans or offer more accurate advice than traditional experts can provide.

2026-2030: By 2030, it’s expected that robots will be performing manual labor roles as well. This includes roles such as factory workers or warehouse staff where human labor is more expensive than robotic alternatives due to their ability to work 24 hours a day with high accuracy levels and no need for rest or food breaks.

2031-2035: By 2035, it’s estimated that robots may have taken over even more manual labor roles such as cleaning staff or security guards. They will have the ability to collect data from their environment which can then feed into analytics systems for better decision making processes for businesses and other organizations.

The future of work looks increasingly automated, with Chatbots and GPT AI taking over a variety of roles in areas like customer service and healthcare while robots are replacing manual labor roles across different industries. The changes we’re seeing now are only just the beginning of this transformation so it’s important we start preparing now for what lies ahead so we can make sure everyone is ready when this revolution finally arrives!

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